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Lectures/Trunk Shows
1 hour lectures
Most lectures also have workshops/classes that are a great additional learning opportunities.

Wendt Quilting - Journey of a Quilter
Welcome to my world of quilting.  From my start as a hand piecer and hand quilter to machine piecing, longarm quilting and pattern designing.

Journey of a Quilter is a trunk show and PowerPoint.  I focus on the places I've been that have influenced my life in the world of quilting.  From teaching Home Ec, to teaching Sudanese Refugees, teaching Expats in Cairo, working at a quilt shop, longarming, teaching longarm classes, teaching at major shows, vending and my patterns.

Teaching the World to Quilt
Travel along as I take you around the world to the place I have taught quilting.  From the basement of a small church in Cairo to the rice paddies of Cambodia.

Empowering women by teaching them how to quilt.  Quilting can provide additional income to their families while staying at home or closer to home.  I have had the privilege of living in Cairo, Egypt of 8 years and visiting Vietnam and Cambodia several times while my husband worked in Vietnam.  I taught Expats and Sudanese Refugees how to quilt.  In Cambodia, I traveled to villages with Mekong/Vietnam Quilts Non-Profit organization to teach beginner quilters.  Trunk show and PowerPoint presentation.

Egyptian Tentmakers Appliqué
Also titled Crafts and Textiles of Egypt
A look into the artisans of Cairo, Egypt.  My collection of the Tentmakers' work and steps of their applique technique.  Can also include other crafts from Egypt.  Trunk show, PowerPoint presentation showing the men at work.

While living in Cairo, Egypt I was introduced to and befriended the men known as Tentmakers.  They make the applique decorated panels used as tents for ceremonies.  Tentmaker references have been recorded as far back as Biblical and Pharaonic times.  It is a dying art.  I will share the pieces I purchases while living in Egypt and others purchased since I left.

Binding - A World of Options
Bindings are NOT boring!  From traditional to fused, hand sewn to machine and quilts to clothing, be inspired by an array of binding styles to finish your edges.

Trunk show of quilts. Plus, PowerPoint presentation and demos of how to choose the best binding/fabric for your quilt, making bindings, attach to a quilt, achieve perfect mitered corners and no-fuss finish of tail ends.

Watch her 3 minute video as presented on the latest Global Quilt Connection teacher presentation.

Please contact Debbie for pricing and scheduling of Lectures/Trunk shows.  Since show travel has been sporadic, she has is offering both in-person and virtual events.  Debbie uses the Zoom platform and can adapt to others.