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Welcome to my corner of the quilting world and all the possibilities it holds! 
Quilting has been the focus of my energies for many years.  I like to share my knowledge and encourage all quilters to do the best they can.  Enjoy the process, explore the options, master your abilities, but most importantly, have fun and give yourself credit when you have accomplished each stitch.  That may sound very simple in thought, but that is how you gain confidence, one stitch at a time.
No matter if you are a beginner or more; piecer or quilter.  We all deal with stitches of one kind or another and each stitch is needed to make the whole.
We all bring different backgrounds, experiences and possibilities to quilting.
This web site is my collection in the quilting world…go on its journey and I hope to meet you along the way.
                                                                  Debbie Wendt


New and exciting patterns
  Brilliant Bindings tool
doubles as a template
for the newest quilt patterns

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