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Welcome to my corner of the quilting world and all the possibilities it holds! 
This web site is my collection in the quilting world…go on its journey and I hope to meet you along the way.
                                                                  Debbie Wendt

A 3 1/2" Half Hexagon template with more lines for more cutting options!
Clear template with etched lines to see on any fabric.
Includes lines for Half, Full and Partial Hexagons, including side edges.
Full instruction booklet with detailed diagrams for cutting and traditional quilts.

"By The Numbers" patterns
Smaller  patterns packed with instructions for making striking quilts.
YOU pick your own fabric according to the yardage given.
All designed to be
New "Cuddle" version of Snuggle Tails... kits at Keepsake Quilting!

  Brilliant Bindings tool
doubles as a template
for the newest quilt patterns with
"Tool" or "Brilliant" in the title.
Also, check out FREE patterns using Brilliant Bindings tool

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